Sharing Our First Genius Hour Projects

Monday morning the 5th graders came ready and excited to get right to work.  I gave them a quick direction and explained how we were going to structure the hour class period and then they were off!

Because of the success of Friday’s class and their interest in the research component of Genius Hour, I gave them an additional 30 minutes to “make” today.  After their creations were complete, they took some time to plan a presentation to their classmates.  With some guidelines, they were able to come up with a presentation to share with the class.

I was pleasantly surprised by the students. They respected each other and took time to listen to one another’s presentations. The students asked each other thoughtful questions and even occasionally gave a comment or positive critique.

At the end of today’s classes, I asked for some feedback. Here’s what I got:

-They loved making their own choices

-They loved working with legos

– They loved  to be in charge of what they could make.


There you have it. Student choice!  And, it went well. They can’t wait to do it again. And, you know what? Neither can I.


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