Bringing ELA to life with Hot Air Balloons

As an extension to the 3rd grade lesson on Innovations and Inventions, we planned a lesson on making Hot Air Balloons with Paper Mache.  About 2 weeks after the lessons where the students made their paper airplanes, we planned a lesson where the students would work together to create a hot air balloon, using teamwork, as well as paper mache. Since the students had last been in my maker lab, they had been reading about innovations in the world of flight. They had talked about blimps, planes, and hot air balloons. I moved outside my comfort zone and we decided to get messy with paper mache!

It was messy, but fun!  The kids worked together nicely and got step 1 of their hot air balloons completed in one class period. Can’t wait for them to come back. They will be painting them and creating the finishing touches to make it a real hot air balloon model. I think this was a great connection to literature and I learned a thing or two about paper mache!


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