Bringing Language Arts to Life in the Maker Lab with Grade 3

The 3rd grade classes have been reading about Inventions and Innovations in their English/Language Arts classes. One 3rd grade teacher came to me with some great ideas and we co-planned and co-taught some amazing lessons in the Maker Lab. We made some great cross-curricular connections and allowed the students to explore and create in the maker lab during their ELA class time!  It was great!


Their unit opened with the question:  “How do Inventions Solve Problems”.  We thought immediately, let’s get the students in to solve problems of their own! They had recently read about The Wright Brothers and their First Flights.  The classes were also practicing Cause and Effect. How perfect!  We planned a lesson where the students would make paper airplanes, test them, make changes, and test again. We included a writing component and they recorded their “observations” in a cause/effect chart. The students worked together, tested, discussed, made changes, and in the end came up with an improved paper airplane. They were allowed to add weights (paper clips, tape), change the type of paper (light, heavy, thin, thick). They evaluated their choices and made changes. Students had to evaluate what worked best. They learned a lot about the innovation process during this lesson.

Stay tuned for another Grade 3 ELA lesson in the Maker Lab!


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