First Grade in the Maker Lab: Another ELA hands-on connection

First grade classes have been reading non-fiction texts about animals during their English/Language Arts block.  They have talked about what makes animals unique and also how animals work together in team.  As an extension activity in the maker lab, today students came and participated in stations where they could extend their learning about animals in a hands-on way.  They were given the opportunity to work alone, in partners, or in groups. Students rotated through the stations and were very engaged.

Here’s what I had at each station:

Station 1:  devices- Students used the site “Pebble Go”. They were able to choose an animal to read a non-fiction article about on the site.  They used their earphones to listen and could go onto watch a video about the animal, too.


Station 2:  unique- I had the word “Unique” cut out of paper. (We started the lesson with a review of what unique meant and what they remembered from previous lessons in class about what makes different animals–and people–unique). The students colored the word in a “unique” way, glued the word to a sentence strip and listed synonyms for the word unique. Some words the students came up with were:  one of a kind, different, and special.


Station 3:  drawing unique animals-  I gathered non-fiction animal fact books, “how to draw animal” books, and some small animal figurines.  At this station students picked a unique animal to draw. Some followed the directions in the drawing books, some tried to trace one of the plastic figurines, and some chose to draw on their own.


Station 4:  making a unique animal-  I gathered some “maker materials”, such as clay, beads, scrap paper, yarn, paper clips, toothpicks, cotton balls, and packing peanuts.  The students used the materials to make a model of a unique animal that was special to them.


Station 5:  mask station- I had a lot of the same “maker materials” at this station as well. I gave the students paper plates and they made masks using the supplies.  They came up with some great and very unique animals.


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