Grade 1 Celebrates Dr. Seuss in the Maker Lab…Thing 1 and Thing 2 Style

I saw the first graders on the day before Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I thought to myself, it’s time for a Wacky Wednesday, Dr. Seuss style.  We started the lesson by reading a favorite, “The Cat in the Hat”. Then, the kids became Thing 1 or Thing 2.


They made headbands by accordion folding or rolling paper around a pencil. They glued their blue “hair” strips to sentence strips and we turned them into hats!  They made their “Thing 1” or “Thing 2”, or even “Thing 100” signs and taped them to their shirts.

Last they used their new costumes to help them write a short story. They responded to the writing prompt:  “What would you do if Thing 1 or Thing 2 came to your house?”

The stories were cute and they loved the fun activity. Sometimes short and sweet is best!



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