Creating movement with LEGO

Being at a new school, we were lucky to have funding for many new things. One of these wonderful things are our LEGO kits. These kits are from LEGO Education and they are fantastic.

I had the opportunity to have my 5th graders take a class period recently to explore with the kits that are powered by batteries. They were given the instructions, “Create something that will improve something in today’s world”. They also needed to explain how it would make things better.


They were so engaged and worked very well together. There were great discussions, some arguments, frustrations, and in the end they all came up with something. Most groups were able to make something that moved, using the batteries. Some students followed the directions that came with the kits. Many chose to make something on their own. Some did a combination of the two.

The batteries powered wheels, gears, propellers, cranes, and many other things. They all agreed it was both enjoyable and frustrating. They also most all agreed that even though it was hard, they wanted to do it again!  They liked the challenge. I assured them that they next time they work with these LEGO kits, it will be a little more familiar and they will hopefully have a new perspective.

I know the 5th graders can’t wait to come back and I can’t wait to see what they create!


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