STEM Code & Go Robot Mice

I recently was able to purchase 6 sets of Code & Go STEM Mice for my makerspace!  I was so delighted to use these new great teaching tools:

One class period, I used them with a 5th grade class. They used the challenge cards that came with the sets and set up challenges. They were able to enter the code into the mouse and get the mouse through a maze to get to his piece of cheese.  Success!  They enjoyed it and were very engaged during the process. I also think they learned a thing or two about beginning to code.  Here’s a link to a video I posted on twitter to show what 5th grade did with the mice:

Later, on another day, I had the idea to use them with a 2nd grade class. We used the Code & Go Mice to review subtraction facts. I wrote subtraction problems on post-it notes and attached them to the board.  I had the answers to the subtraction problems on separate post-it notes. Students picked a post-it note, solved the subtraction problem, and then coded the mouse to get to the answer. It was a new spin on fact practice and the students were so engaged. They loved solving the problems and working in groups to get the coding mouse to the right answer.

I can’t wait to use these mice in another way!  The options are endless. So many uses!


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